yoga for weight loss

Yoga For Weight Loss | Yoga Benefits | Meditation

Yoga For Weight Loss | Yoga Benefits | Meditation




What is Yoga?

In this article, you will know “How important Yoga is” and “How much beneficial Yoga for weight loss“. “Life is a movement from imperfection to perfection. Man is the supreme being, the most perfect being in his structure. Man is, therefore, an improved animal. But this is only the beginning of progress for humanity. People still have to strive for further physical, intellectual and spiritual perfection. “

International Day of Yoga: 21st June

Yoga helps you to be in better contact with your body. Yoga helps you, to find more balance, more strength, and more flexibility. Yoga helps to calm down the nerves, it brings down the blood pressure and the heartbeat. Therefore it is extremely helpful in these modern times with a lot of external pressure and competition. It can help to reduce stress-related symptoms such as headache, stomach problems, sleeping problems and so on. Because of the importance of the alignment and the spine in many yoga exercises, it is also very helpful against back pain. You don’t need to be ‘super-fit’ to do yoga. Everybody has stronger and weaker parts of his body. By paying a lot of attention to this while doing the yoga poses, and by continuing this attention throughout the day, you will reach a better balance.

Who is Joga meant for?

“There is a common desire in all human minds, and it just differs human beings from an animal, a human from a plant. What is the difference? He wants to develop. Second, he wants to become one with the Cosmic Being. Thirdly, he wants to do something noble; and fourth, he wants peace, supreme peace, undisturbed peace. There are four special features in people. Yoga is, therefore, a path of progress, a path of development for each individual person. It is a panacea for all ailments in the physical sphere, in the mental sphere and also in the spiritual sphere. “


According to Shrii Shrii Anandamurti Ji

“Yoga is an ancient system of techniques designed to maintain the balance between the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of human life”.

Yoga is a comprehensive system of practices that develop our personality. It develops in people the belief in their own abilities, the courage to face the hardships of life, the willpower, the rational thinking, the concentrated mind. It also stimulates empathy and acceptance of “otherness” and love for yourself and the whole world. It is therefore intended basically for everyone. In addition, both yoga asanas and Meditation help to cope with many problems that accompany modern man.


Health Benefits of Yoga – Mind, and Body

If you practice yoga, then you know that it allows the mind to work together with the body to promote healing and well-being. Yoga can do wonders for a body that is in good or bad shape.

These claims aren’t unfounded, medical studies have shown yoga does indeed produce health benefits. After a yoga class, many will affirm the fact that they feel more energized, happier and more peaceful. How exactly does yoga produce these feelings and how can the body heal itself?

Yoga makes you more aware of your body, its movements, and its alignment. It allows you to know and understand yourself better. In India, where yoga originated, back pain is practically nonexistent. Yoga can cure and prevent back pain by enhancing strength and flexibility. It can also help people with arthritis by providing relief to aching joints and providing joint lubricants. In addition, it relieves tension in muscles.

Yoga can have physiological and psychological benefits. It has been shown to improve the lives of asthma sufferers by preventing attacks without the use of medicines. It can help respiratory problems by teaching people how to control their breathing. It can lower blood pressure, improve lung efficiency and lower heart rates. Other conditions, which can be improved through the use of yoga, include chronic fatigue, varicose veins, diabetes, and digestive disorders.

The aging process can also be slowed through the use of yoga. Aging is the result of autointoxication. Keeping the body clean, flexible and well lubricated reduces this cell deterioration. Weight reduction is another area where yoga can help. Yoga stimulates sluggish glands. Positions focusing on the thyroid gland can have a positive effect on body metabolism.



Also Proves in medical

The medical community is not refuting all of these benefits and is currently funding clinical trials for treating insomnia and multiple sclerosis with yoga. In addition, they are currently conducting studies of yoga effects on other conditions.

There are also many psychological benefits produced by yoga also. It has been known to help with obsessive-compulsive disorders. It reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and tension. It increases the feeling of well-being. Most people will experience a positive outlook on life and feel invigorated. They will have higher energy levels and will have a better knowledge of themselves and be more self-aware. Improved memory, attention, and concentration, as well as, social skills and self-acceptance are also benefits of this exercise.

Biochemical benefits are lower sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels, lower sodium levels, hemoglobin increases, and vitamin C level increases.

Yoga is an easy fitness program, which anyone can practice and from which everyone can benefit. It promotes good health and eases stress and tension. It stimulates and relaxes. It enhances concentration and provides us with flexibility and strength. It addresses our physical, mental and emotional needs. It addresses our whole person and provides us with many health benefits. Yoga can prevent the need for medicine or work in conjunction with a medical regimen.


Yoga Equipment – Beyond Your Body

When it comes to practicing yoga, your body is actually the number one piece of equipment that you will need. However, there are a few other small things you may need. Let’s take a closer look. The first thing which you should keep in mind that while doing Yoga your clothes should be slightly loose and comfy.

You should keep these all thing with you when you are thinking about yoga.


Healthy Weight Loss Diet


Diet in yoga plays a special role. It has its scientific justification. Eating meat, in addition to the fact that it produces large amounts of fatty acids and toxins in the body, produces a lot of thermal energy. This makes lymph, which is the building blocks of hormones and shaky – a substance that nourishes nerve cells in significant quantities, it is transformed, for example, into semen. This happens at the expense of other hormones. Already three weeks of not eating meat notice a significant difference in the work of the brain. We encourage you to experience yourself. Ingredients provided by meat can be found in plant products. It is not true that meat is essential in our diet. There are whole communities growing up for many generations on a meatless diet.

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Yoga Asanas are physical exercises of Yoga, which not only improve the body, stretch and tone tendons, and muscles. First of all, these are exercises designed for our internal organs. This is a precise system of exercises that, by pressing on specific parts of our body, stimulate the work of the endocrine glands, thus regulating the work of the whole organism.



The mind is constantly bombarded by stimuli, the source of which is our environment. It is tossed with hormone-induced tendencies. Often we are not able to master the needs that arise in it, our mind still wants new sensations. Meditation is a scientific process based on biopsychology to control these needs. Regular dedication of time that silences the mind and heart-opening practices also improves our concentration, the ability to learn and feel unconditional love. More composed, we keep our mind focused for most of the day, which in turn saves a lot of energy and time to do everyday activities.

Yoga is a comprehensive system of practices that develop our personality. It develops in people the belief in their own abilities, the courage to face the hardships of life, the willpower, the rational thinking, the concentrated mind. It also stimulates empathy and acceptance of “otherness” and love for yourself and the whole world. It is therefore intended basically for everyone. In addition, both yoga asanas and Meditation help to cope with many problems that accompany modern man.


Problems with physical health

When we can not take care of them, they deteriorate and cease to perform their function in a proper way. The demand for intellectual work and an increase in comfort combined with an inappropriate diet cause an increase in cancer, cardiovascular disease and a general decline in the body’s resistance. Incorrect diet and lack of exercise is the main cause of 20th-century disease – obesity. This problem is increasingly affecting our society as well.

Asanas, in addition to making the body flexible and massaging our internal organs, are perfect physical exercises that stimulate our lymphatic system to excrete all toxins and impurities that absorb the body.

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Stress according to psychology is an adaptive reaction between the abilities of the person and the requirements of the situation. At the moment when our mind is disturbed and tries to return to it, we are dealing with a stressful situation. Because Yoga strengthens the mind and control over it, situations where stress enters the phase of distress – the stress of a nature damaging the body and mind – is much less common.

NOTE:  Start your every morning with some Yoga poses & Meditation. This will keep you powerful & energetic all day and also keep you away from all kind of Health Issues.


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